1991 Flamed Maple Scheerhorn - no longer for sale


I'm not certain I really want to part with this beauty but thought I'd place this ad prior to Resosummit. I'll bring the Horn with me to Nashville this week as I'm attending RS.

Here's some info on the Horn:

Specs - built in 1991, SN 035, custom ordered maple square neck guitar, with the aluminum parabolic baffle, Shaller tuners, shipped with magnetic pickup and mini-mic installed under the cover plate, stereo end pin jack, includes splitter cables and what I believe is a mic, phantom power box from Audio Technica, Original tweed covered case is in good condition.     

Condition -  very good, replaced original Quarterman come with a recent Scheerhorn made cone, new maple/ebony saddles, i still have the Quarterman and original saddles also.  I have removed the pickup and mic, but these items can easily be reinstalled. The pickup was installed with two way tape which left a mark in the lacquer, it has plenty of honest playing wear in the form of scratches and dings but no structural issues or cracks. If I keep it, my intent is to buff out the pick adhesive mark but leave the other wear as a badge of honor. 

It's a great player with clear note separation, a finely crafted Tim built instrument and I'll likely regret it should it move on to another owner. I plan to have Tim take a look at it in Nashville to see if my set up can be improved upon which may cause me to reconsider sale.

I have a more photos and can provide my phone number to anyone attending RS who would like to play it in person.


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