Beard Gold Tone PBS-M


SOLD: Solid mahogany Gold Tone PBS-M, the top of Beard's GT line that retails for over $1200 new at the commercial vendors. This is a superior starter or second (if your first was really cheap) resonator guitar, you may never need another. I used it for a couple years till I got good enough for a custom-made pro instrument. It's just sat in the case for about 3 years and I need the space.

Condition: virtually new appearance. No deep scratches or similar flaws. Some very fine hairline scratches on the back and where the picks struck the cover plate. Hardshell case in very good condition included.

I removed the strings to sell a multibender that was attached. Will string up with new Ferrell Stowe or Jim Dunlop reso strings per buyer request. GHS or Martin nickel wound strings also available.

$799 plus shipping.


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