WTB Stacy Phillips and Cashdollar Variations DVDs

Looking for the Stacy Philips DVDs and the Dobro Variations DVD. Thx.

Brass Allen RS-2

Hi All

I am looking for an Allen RS-2 tailpiece for my Rayco however the plater tells me it's easier for him to black chrome (to match the black hardware) a brass piece rather than work with one already chromed.

Fair price paid and if it's scratched or worn that's OK as it will look like new when finished anyway.

Roundeck trade for Wolfe Reso

Hi All

I have a ported Wolfe walnut squareneck reso in upgraded with 'Horn cone and Osage Orange saddle inserts. Superb sound. Looking to trade for a roundneck with nice low action of same quality. Any takers?

Pending: Used coverplate with high palmrest

Hi folks,  

I'm upgrading an old import Regal RD-45NS to a Continental cone and spider, and the cone and spider won't fit properly under the Regal original coverplate.  So I'm looking for a good usable used coverplate with a higher palmrest.  Can pay cash or trade.  Please let me know if you have any that you might like to unload, how much you need for it, or what you might take in trade. 




I received an phone call from Bobby Wright, who is currently upgrading my '77 Sho-Bro, and a used Wechter Sheerhorn coveplate will be on it's way next week. If it fits, the old Regal should be much improved. Thanks.

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