FOUND ONE - No longer looking for Wechter Scheerhorn Mahogany

I FOUND ONE - NO LONGER LOOKING.  THANKS! Looking to buy Wechter Scheerhorn. Squareneck. Round or F holes okay. Prefer mahogany. Would love a pickup but not mandatory. In very good to excellent condition. Case/gig bag preferred.


San Diego

Josh Graves style

Would like to buy Josh Graves 6 hours course

If anybody has it and want to sell it im interested contact me of topic

WTB Deneve Capo

Hi, I'm interested in a Richard Deneve Capo. Please let me know if you have one to sell. Thanks.



ISO my first Reso

UPDATE. I have a Wechter Sheerhorn 6510R in excellent conditon en route from "Farmers Corner" here on RN....the instrument has been upgraded with Fishman 'Nashville' bridge pickup, Schoonover modular spider, Scheerhorn cone, Screenless soundhole rings, and Schaller strap lock buttons...and the price is well within my meager budget....thanks Brian!



Looking to buy my first Reso. I'm looking for a good starter squareneck for bluegrass with single cone spider bridge. I prefer the modern sound and volume of Wechter Scheerhorn and Gold Tone PB's, and a good used one of that caliber would be in my price range.


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