Large body reso....I found one

Thanks everybody for your offers and good advice. A Koa Rayco followed me home today, so I'm all guitared up for now.


Pretty Nice Dobro

Looking for a pretty nice dobro, though I guess the Gibson thought police won't let me call it that. I'm primarily interested in a Beard, Meredith, or Schoonover or similar, though I might sell my mother to the Arabs for a decent Scheerhorn.  Or even a nicer Dobro (trademark registered)! My main priority would be a six string, but I would certainly consider an eight.

I have more cash than brains, but would find it much easier to explain the transaction to the "little woman" if could negotiate a trade on some of the "poop" I've already paid for: need a tele or a Twin or a Deluxe RI or a Peavey steel amp or a Heritage Les Paul (I don't think I'm allowed to call it that, either)or a Super Champ XD or a GFI D-10 loaded? Or whatever: a camera or a trumpet or a McIntosh stereo amp? Or a really nice Weber mandolin? Ask, I might have something you need. I suspect this reflects poorly on my toilet training.

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Scheerhorn Chrome Bar

Does anyone have a Scheerhorn Chrome bar that they want to sell?  I have a Stainless Steel bar and am interested in trying a Chrome Bar

WTB: Shubb capo....pending, thanks!


This weekend at the annual Anderson AK BG festival I left my go-to capo on a cooler in a nearby camp and it walked off. These often maligned capos either fit your neck and work great or are worthless if they don't. Anybody have one in a drawer they would part with cheap? Hell, the way I lose things I should probably have a few extras!

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