I'm about to place an order for some thumbpicks and thought I'd ask if anyone has some they're not going to use. I know there are some blue chip converts out there. 

I still use Large Golden Gates and Zookies and will even don a Dunlop if it's handy. I don't mind used if they're not 'shark toothy'. 

We can talk price or swap. I can offer a copy of my new cd for a couple picks. Just pm me. 

Used Calton for my Meredith

Looking for a used Calton for my Meredith. Give me a shout if you're looking to part with one.



FOUND ONE - No longer looking for Wechter Scheerhorn Mahogany

I FOUND ONE - NO LONGER LOOKING.  THANKS! Looking to buy Wechter Scheerhorn. Squareneck. Round or F holes okay. Prefer mahogany. Would love a pickup but not mandatory. In very good to excellent condition. Case/gig bag preferred.


San Diego

Josh Graves style

Would like to buy Josh Graves 6 hours course

If anybody has it and want to sell it im interested contact me of topic

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