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Song: "Lucy's Nap"

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This is a bunch of firsts for me. It's the first song I've ever written for the resonator guitar, my first try at recording my reso playing, and the first MP3 file I've ever posted. This is a fun open-position song that's easy to play, which is good 'cause I'm still just a beginning player. :oops:

I wrote this for my Golden Retriever Lucy. She loves to lay on my feet and sleep when I'm practicing on my dobro. She either loves me or my playing (I'm sure it's the former rather then the latter).

Any suggestions or comments are very welcomed. Thanks for listening!


Walk Away Renee

2:30 minutes (2.86 MB)

Always loved this song...the Left Banke did it originally and Rickie Lee Jones did a cover some years back. Lemme know what you think.

Slide In The Mud

2:56 minutes (2.68 MB)

Here's a new bluegrass tune that was inspired by jamming on the muddy hill of the Greyfox Bluegrass Festival. It's dedicated to all the great players that I have met, picked with, and listened to at that festival.

I play dobro, mandolin, banjo, guitar, and bass on this one.

Thanks for listening.

Michael Bean

Freddy Holm " Trouble "

2:05 minutes (3.82 MB)

Hey guys, here's my version of Coldplay's fantastic song "Trouble".

It's originally a slow song:


But I wanted to try it with a bluegrass arrangement.Laughing


As usual I'm playing all the instruments (cause I have no friendsCryTongue out)

And it's in the key of A with standard G tuning.

Troy Brenningmeyer/ THE GRITS - Loosin' Hand

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Here's a cut from a demo I recorded with a St. Louis Bluegrass I play with called "THE GRITS". It was recorded live with the Tascam DR-1 sat on a stool and we all sat in a circle around it. For a little hand held recorder it's pretty nifty!

Will You ever Love Me

2:48 minutes (2.62 MB)

Here's a cut from some recient session work. This is from "Born Into Bluegrass ;The Songs Of Cullen Galyean". It was an honor to be asked to play reso on the project. Cullen was a big musical influence on me, and most players in my area of NC. The project turned out great with a good host of players: Cullen Galyean,Mickey Galyean, Baucom,Jimmy Haley,Johnny Williams,Rick Allred, Junior Sisk, Billy Hawks, John Boulding, Brad Hiatt, Greg Jones, Westley Easter/Derek Easter,Timmy Martin, Jay Adams.

We had a blast and Cullen have it his stamp of approval. I was pleased with the recorded tone of my ol' model 27 on this cut. Thanks for Westley for his studio prowess....Smile

Bring The Harvest Home

14:47 minutes (3.39 MB)

Another Session job with None Of The Above (NOTA). This is a great tune. Jody King studios. My old 27 records so well I think.

None Of The Above - Sister Golden Hair

4:14 minutes (3.88 MB)

A fun track from the same project that resophobic posted a cut from last week.

Darrell Webb Band-To see my angel cry

3:34 minutes (8.17 MB)

12-23-2009 Recording

Darrell Webb- Mandolin, Vocal

Asa Gravly-Guitar,Baritone Vocal

Jearmy Arrowood-Bass,Tenor Vocal


Jim VanCleve-Fiddle

Darrell Webb Band-Act 2

3:29 minutes (7.98 MB)

12-23-2009 Recording

Darrell Webb- Mandolin, Vocal

Chris Wade-Banjo

Asa Gravly-Guitar

Jearmy Arrowood-Bass


Jim VanCleve-Fiddle

Twenty Three: "Drivin nails in my coffin"

2:44 minutes (2.57 MB)

Our band "Twenty Three" made a demo CD in 2009 which included this Ernest Tubb tune ( words and music by Jerry Irby). I'm  playing my Harlow Jumbo Cherry.

Frank Bounds - Banks of the Ohio

1:24 minutes (1.29 MB)

I have been trying to use simple tunes that I know as learning tools.  This is my attempt at an interpretation of Banks of the Ohio.  I hope you enjoy my try at it. Hopefully I didn't mess up the melody too badly.

Chad Darou - Whiskey Before Breakfast

2:38 minutes (4.82 MB)

I am in the final stages of the production process on my latest cd project. This is a simple banjo and dobro duet. I wanted something nice and clean and oh yeah traditional since there aren't any other traditional songs on the project. My good friend Nick Piccininni plays banjo on this one. I'm playing my Deneve D body dobro using a mic I had modded up to replicate a Royer R-122. I look forward to feedback on this.

Chad Darou - Axe To Grind

5:07 minutes (9.36 MB)

This is a tune I wrote while in a very unsettled time of my life.... hence the name. Now folks have told me the title doesn't fit the tune but I liked it and it has stuck for me. On this particular track I play Guitar, Bass and the Deneve D body, My friend Nick Piccininni is playing banjo, and my good friend Ray Legere is playing mandolin and fiddle. Looking forward to feedback on this and all of my posts.

Chad Darou - Downhill Grade

3:06 minutes (2.84 MB)

Here's another original from my new CD. This one started out with the name waiting 4 a fiddler, but in it's many recordings has become Downhill Grade, mainly because of the last CD project I started and then lost when my harddrive crashed that had a railroad theme. On this one I play Guitar, Bass, Banjo and the Deneve D body again, My good Friend Ray Legere plays Mandolin and Fiddle. With this one as with all of my posts I look forward to comments!!! Let me know what you think!!!


5:04 minutes (4.71 MB)

Another tune from our band, "Twenty Three". Written by Scott Smith, our mandolin player. It's also from our 2009 demo CD. Happy Holidays.

Unionhouse Branch

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Hi dobrologists,

A practise recording of JD’s piece. Jerry plays this one in E-tuning. My version is a poor mans version in standard G-tuning, suitable for the parking lot. You no longer have to take a second dobro to play this one! Powertab- & pdf-files available for anyone who’s interested!

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Flatland Drive For Near A Year

3:17 minutes (3.77 MB)

We have a CD coming out in January/February.  This original is almost done, the engineer needed some assistance in understanding bluegrass, but we are getting there.  Still need to tweak banjo level during dobro break, (shocker).  I would like feedbac before doing another mixing session.

Chad Darou-Daddy's Boy

3:25 minutes (3.14 MB)

This is a tune I was inspired to write while watching my son Richard fall asleep one afternoon. Hope you all enjoy it! I look forward to any and all feedback.

This was played on my Deneve D Body Adirondack Spruce and Brazillian Rosewood.

1928 Dobro Prototype

1:22 minutes (520.79 KB)

This is my 1928 Dobro Prototype recorded on a small Tascam 8 Trac recorder with guitar, bass, and mandolin on other tracks.

Flatland Drive Bluegrass Band "Those Two Blue Eyes"

4:30 minutes (4.12 MB)

From our latest CD, recorded at Patuxtent Studios in Rockville, MD.  The breakdown on the resonator, Appalachian Koa L body,Beard Legend Cone, Schoonover Modular Spider with maple/ebonex,EJ42 strings into a Neumann U87 and KM184.

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